4 product pillars of Twake


Digital Sovereignty

GAFAM and BATX free
European data center
Made in France


Privacy and Security

GDPR Compliance
Open and secure code


Open Source

Community driven
Ethical by design



Positive impact on the world!
Contribute to UN SDGs!
Carbon free by 2030!

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Twake is the most trustworthy team collaboration solution!

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Twake is the most trustworthy team collaboration solution!

Trusted by top performers

Twake is powered by Linagora, trusted by more than
3000 organizations around the world to improve their
organizational productivity

Chat, organise your workflow,
get things done fast

  • Channels

    Communicate seamlessly with your team using channels. Invite external users, start a video meeting, share files and collaborate on documents.

  • Tasks

    Manage your project timelines, create new tasks, move tasks based on their progress, assign duties and deadlines to your team members.

  • Drive

    Easily access all your shared and stored documents using Twake's drag and drop file manager. Manage versions and labels, edit your files with ease.

  • Calendar

    Create team events, attach video conference links, relevant files and tasks, configure notifications for various members and set deadlines for tasks.


Twake is your company’s main hub for managing key activities

illustration of the circle that beats like a heart illustration of the flow of information in Twake via collaboration, tasks, storage and calendar tools

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Video Conference

Call your colleagues, start a video conference with your entire team with native jitsi integration. Start a call from a chat channel or organize it on a calendar event to hold your meetings on Twake



Use calendar to organize your global team schedule. Create different calendars for each team, add events, deadlines, tasks and share them with all your collaborators



Install your favorite application in
your workspaces. Each application is
independant to your discussions,
files, calendars and are different
between each workspace.


Real time document collaboration

View and edit your documents in real time directly online, without having
to download them. You can work with several collaborations on the same
document in any format (MS Office, Google Doc, Libre Office, etc)


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Security at Twake

At Twake, we take the security of your data seriously and
strive to ensure maximum protection for your business.


Encrypted data

Our database is encrypted so
are your files. Only you decide
who can access your data.


Located in France

All your files and data are stored in France!
Twake complies with GDPR.


Secure transfers

HTTPS/SSL and end-to-end
websockets communications enabled.


On-premise offers

Easily install Twake on your own
servers with our on-premise offer and

More value-added features

Secure sharing

Share your documents or discussion channels
with your customers, suppliers and other external
collaborators in a simple and secure way.


Version control

Share different versions of the same document
with your collaborators.



See how our clients express their appreciation for Twake

We've been using Twake for the last two years and we are delighted with everything it allows us to do. Twake allows us to be more operational in our project management, by inviting the relavant collaborators or customers in channels, which makes it an effective monitoring tool.

Guillaume Jautzy, GM at GBF Communication

Finally a French platform which had the good idea to gather many digital tools to help project management and which goes even beyond the classical tools! We have been using the solution for over a year for our projects with our French and European partners. Efficient and competitive, I recommend it!

Nicolas Pelissier, Chairman at 45-8 Energy

Our team is spread over several countries. It is very important for us to have an all-in-one and efficient communication tool. We tried several solutions before choosing Twake, which is very easy to use despite its many features. The data storage in France was an essential condition of our choice.

Jérémie Magalhaes, CEO at Batifile

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projects to life with Twake

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