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Twake covers all of your organizational needs through a single platform - no need to deploy 5 different tools simultaneously.
Ministère du Luxembourg
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Ministère du Luxembourg
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All-in-one solution

An all-in-one solution for stronger collaboration in your teams. Twake is a better integration between your tools, a single place for your data and an overview for your projects.

Start your project in one click and start using messaging, video-conference, sharing file, shared calendar, task manager and more thanks to the integration of external services.

Perfect for telework and multi-team projects

Twake makes it easy for you to work with your customers, suppliers and other collaborators through its external members feature.

Invite external collaborators in specialized discussion channels to control the information in your project. External collaborators are free !
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Call your collaborators
Easily call your colleagues and make your meetings via video conferences with your entire team directly with Twake.
Organize your tasks
Organize your team with Todo-List. Create tasks, assign them to people, and add information: deadline, labels, additional information, and descriptions.
Share with the outside
Share your documents or discussion channels with your customers, suppliers and other external collaborators in a simple and secure way.
Plan your team's events on Twake's shared calendar for better information flow. Invite people using their emails even if they don't have a Twake account yet.
Edit online
Edit all your Word, Excel, Powerpoint documents directly on Twake with the available collaborative office editors. Work with your colleagues on the same file simultaneously.
Search anywhere, simply
Find what you're looking for with the global search engine that lets you search anywhere at once or more accurately with advanced filters.
Connect Twake with your current tools
Twake already offers more than 1,500 integrations allowing you to customize your workspaces. Connect your channels, calendars or files to any external apps in the greatest simplicity, or develop your own integrations with our public API.
Their opinion matters
What they say about Twake
Jérémie Magalhaes
Our team is spread over several countries, it is very important for us to have an effective communication system all in one. We tried several solutions before choosing Twake, which offers great ease of use despite its many features. Data storage in Europe was an essential condition in our choice.
Agnès Thebault
Radio Immo
A perfect all-in-one solution for our team. We can share our documents easily both internally and externally while keeping them safe on one platform. A handy tool that reduces the time of access to information and the total cost of our SaaS service.
Nicolas Pelissier
45-8 Energy
Finally, a platform that has had the good idea to combine many digital tools for project management support and that goes even beyond the traditional tools! We have been using the solution for our projects for over a year with our French and European partners. Effective and competitive, I recommend!
Security at Twake
At Twake, we take the security of your data seriously and we strive to ensure maximum protection for your business. Our databases and your files are encrypted. And for even more security, consider our on-premise offer.
Encrypted Data
Encrypted data
Your files and your data is always encrypted and nobody can read it except you.
Located in France
Located in France
Your files and data are stored in France ! Twake complies with RGPD regulations.
Secure Transfers
Secure transfers
HTTPS/SSL and end-to-end websockets communications enabled.
On-premise Offers
On-premise offers
Easy install Twake on your own servers with our on-premise offers and Docker.
Twake is open source
We are strongly committed to open source. Twake is an ethical, open and transparent collaborative platform. The source code of Twake is available on github. The result is a product that surpasses proprietary software and offers more value to our users. Check out our code and contribute to our community on github.
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