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Linagora is an open-source company and community is the backbone of our products. Whether you are technical or non-technical, we welcome contributions from anyone, anywhere in the world. Discover the different ways to contribute to Linagora


Contribute to our products

Do you want to get a certain feature on our product? Did you find a bug and want to help us fix it? Or are you looking to be part of an exciting open-source project? Join our development efforts on Github now.

Star us on Github! We appreciate every single star from our community.

There are multiple ways to contribute on our Github repositories - reporting bugs, feature suggestions, fixing bugs, submitting pull requests for enhancements

You can also join our forum and help answer questions users and developers have about Twake.


Help promote Linagora and its products

If you like our products and open source projects, please spread the word about us! We will really appreciate if you use social media or real-life interactions to tell other people about our products. You can also drop a review at the many websites that review software. Some links are down below!

You can also represent us at events or deliver a talk, for example. Learn more about Linagora community events here! »    Capterra » »
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